June 29, 2010

Don't Tell It Like It Is!

We practice the Art of Allowing. Which means reaching for the thought that feels best, not the thought that is the real thought, not the thought that is telling it like it is.

Telling it like it is only holds you where it is: "Damn it, I'm going to tell it like it is. I'm going to tell it like it is, because everybody wants me to tell it like it is." Tell it like it is if you like it like it is.

But if you don't like it like it is, then don't tell it like it is--tell it like you want it to be. If you tell it like you want it to be, long enough, you will begin to feel it like you want it to be, and when you feel it like you want it to be, it be's like you want it to be. ~~Abraham-Hicks

This is a version of seeing and describing the glass as half full. Supposing it had been drizzling rain on the day I photographed the above irises. When remembering the day or describing it to others, I could have remembered being damp, the humidity or concern over my camera. Or I could have delighted in the very happy looking flowers I saw and had the opportunity to photograph on a softly lit overcast day.

This takes much practice...or at least it has for me because I have spent most of my life "telling it as it is"
...but it's so worth it!

June 27, 2010

You Are Stronger Than You Believe

Our capacity to cope successfully with life's challenges far outstrips our capacity to feel nervousness. Yet in the time leading up to an event that we believe will test our limits, we often feel extremely anxious and stressed.

We are almost always stronger and more capable than we believe ourselves to be. Anxiety does not abate with reasoning out, so if you can't "turn it over", engage your mind with other things to take the focus off what is producing the anxiety.

When we concentrate on something unrelated to our worry—such as deep breathing, visualizations of success, pleasurable pursuits, or exercise—anxiety dissipates naturally. Meditation is also a useful coping mechanism as it provides us with a means to ground ourselves in the moment.
(Based on the Daily OM)

It's important to give yourself full credit for your accomplishments, especially those which you most feared. You may never lose feeling anxiety or the flight or fight response, but by recognizing the strong person that you really are, each thing which you see as a hurdle will become easier.

June 16, 2010

No Guilt!

It is not your role to make others happy; it is your role to keep yourself in balance.

When you pay attention to how you feel and practice self-empowering thoughts that align with who-you-really-are, you will offer an example of thriving that will be of tremendous value to those who have the benefit of observing you.

You cannot get poor enough to help poor people thrive or sick enough to help sick people get well. You only ever uplift from your position of strength and clarity and alignment.


This is one of my most favorite quotes from Abraham-Hicks. Can you imagine how light someone raised with this belief would be? What if parents did not try to control their children by telling them what they did was the cause of the parents' emotions?

Don't give others control over how you feel. Don't believe others if they tell you that you are responsible for their feelings. Free yourself from guilt.

June 12, 2010

Allow Well-Being

We would like you to release the word "achieve" or "earn" from your vocabulary and from your understanding, altogether, and we would like you to replace those words with the word "allow".

You're wanting to allow your Well-being, not achieve it. It's not something that you need to earn. All you have to do is decide what it is you would like to experience, and then allow it in order to achieve it. It isn't something you have to struggle for or try for.


June 8, 2010

Allow Feeling

Sitting with our feelings is the best thing we can do for ourselves rather than stuffing them deep inside.

It can take great courage to really sit with our feelings, allowing ourselves to surrender to their powerful energies. All too often we set our feelings aside, thinking we will deal with them later. If we don’t deal with them, we end up storing them in our minds and bodies and this is when anxiety and other health issues can arise. Denying what our bodies want to feel can lead to trouble now or down the line, which is why being in the thick of our feelings, no matter how scary it seems, is really the best thing we can do for ourselves. One of the reasons we tend to hide or push aside our feelings is that we live in a culture that has not traditionally supported emotional awareness. However, as the connection between mind and body--our emotions and our physical health-- becomes clearer, awareness of the importance of feeling our feelings has grown.

When we simply allow ourselves to fully feel our feelings as they come, we tend to let them go easily. This is all we are required to do; our feelings simply want to be felt. No need for analyzing them! (The Daily OM)

I used to believe that to be productive as well as sane, emotions like grief, anger, betrayal, and fear...to name just a few....had to be overcome, and quickly. Such strong feelings of hot pain could only hurt me, I thought. It's taken me a very long time to get to believing that the real harm is in suppressing it all! Now, I work at allowing, and I teach others the same. There is much comfort as well as power in allowing. It spells accepting and loving all of ourselves.

June 5, 2010

Great Advice!

Make more decisions in every day because a decision is a summoning of life.

That's why a little chaos is good for you, because often you don't make a decision until you get yourself in a jam. And then, in the middle of the jam, you make a decision, but that decision summons Life Force.

Have you ever been a place where you couldn't quite make up your mind and you just felt sort of limp? "Oh, I don't know. I don't know. I don't know." And then you decided, and you felt alive again.

We want you to know that you'll never get it done. So don't approach this from, "I gotta get on this" because you're not ever going to get it done, anyway. And the other thing we want you to know is, you cannot get it wrong. So, make a decision. Let it flow. (Abraham-Hicks)

June 2, 2010

Quieting Monkey Mind

Most of us get frustrated when things don't go the way we want. Maybe we have so much on our plate, we are exhausted just thinking about it.....and we are so stressed that we have a difficult time accomplishing any of those things.

This exercise comes from Esther Hicks, and it works every time. Called the "Placemat" because originally, the story goes, Esther wrote her list out on a paper placemat while having breakfast in a restaurant.

Turn a blank piece of paper horizontally and draw a line down the middle from top to bottom.
Mark the left column: "Everything I need and want to to today, being sure to include some fun things, as well.
Mark the right column: "Everything I want God (or the Universe) to do or to figure out for me.

The only difficult part about this is taking the time to make the list. :-)Go ahead....do it. You will be surprised.