February 26, 2009

Message from Abraham-Hicks

When you take the problems of the world on your shoulders, your body doesn’t feel good. It’s just that simple. Leave the problems of the world to the individual problem-makers of the world, and you be the joy-seeker that you are.

February 24, 2009

Wisdom from Abraham-Hicks

Hypothetically, people worry about everyone being selfishly oriented. "If everyone did exactly what they want to do, what kind of world would this be?" And we say, a really, really good one. Because if everyone did what they wanted to do, everyone would feel free. And if you feel free, you feel empowered. And every negative emotion that exists—hear this—every negative emotion that exists is because there is some sense of loss of freedom somewhere in there. Abraham-Hicks

This statement may require a large shift in our thinking.:-) We were all taught that there's virtue in doing what others want for us. And, this is so ingrained in us that even when what our loved ones really our happiness, we insist on going right ahead and doing what we imagine is "required" of us, instead of what makes us happy.

February 23, 2009

We Can All Be Heroes

There are heroes all around you if you'll look beyond stereotypes and notice the kind of everyday courage it takes to live a good and giving life. The man who gives a percentage of his salary to charity, the woman who volunteers at the blood bank, the teacher who stays a few extra moments to help a troubled student, or the person who looks at you from the mirror each morning can all
be heroes.

This is not to cheapen the sort of deeds we usually consider to be heroic. But, those examples are bold, bright, and obvious. The small moments in a less extraordinary lifestyle also need to receive their due. If more people saw the greatness in ordinary people, perhaps they would strive to become heroic as well.
(from The Wisdom of Yo Meow Ma by Joanna Sandsmark)

February 20, 2009

February 19, 2009

Inner Purpose

"Your inner purpose is to awaken. It is as simple as that. You share that purpose with every other person on the planet – because it is the purpose of humanity. Your inner purpose is an essential part of the purpose of the whole. Your outer purpose can change over time. It varies greatly from person to person. Finding and living in alignment with the inner purpose is the foundation for fulfilling your outer purpose. It is the basis for true success." Eckhart Tolle

How many people struggle to discover their inner purpose, and in so doing, miss being alive in the moment?

February 17, 2009

Think Big

As long as you are going to go about your day thinking anyway, you may as well "think big". Anyone can think small, and most people do. In fact, most people keep themselves in the same place in life, doing the exact same thing, without significant growth or change because of limited or conditioned thinking.

It is probably true that many of your current and future clients are living in that place right now. Who better to support them than you? The coach who is thinking big.

Don't just think about what is possible, think about what might seem nearly impossible, that would require you to grow and move beyond who you currently know yourself to be. Think about what you have always wanted to do or have in your life ... those things that your heart speaks of.

"If you can dream it, you can do it." ~Walt Disney

Thinking big equals going big. Thinking small means staying small. You decide. You get to choose your thoughts.

(from The Coaching Compass)

Have you noticed how very simple advice like this seems when you are flying high? Those are the times when we both think and speak like this. But life is frequently a series of ups and downs, hopefully gentle "hills" and "valleys" and not like riding a roller coaster. If we are spending too much time in the "valley", we may need help in changing our thoughts to more positive ones. We are all interdependent. Call on a good friend, a wise relative if you have one, or a professional.

February 14, 2009

Staying Conscious

1. Live simply and live deliberately. By choosing not to get caught up in the details of this fast-paced world, you are doing your part to slow down the . You will also discover that you have more time to enjoy being alive.

2. Stay in touch with yourself. Soul searching, meditation, and journaling are just a few of the many activities you can take part in to stay aware and learn as much as you can about your emotions, reactions, likes, dislikes, dreams, and fears. Having a solid sense of self gives you a firm foundation for living in this world.

3. Support or teach others as often as you can. This can help you form connections with people while also giving you an opportunity to make the world a better place.

4. Consciously choose what you will allow into your being. The media bombards us with visions of hate, war, and pain. Be judicious about what you read, watch, and listen to.

5. Acknowledge the beauty that resides around you. Whether you live in a sprawling metropolis or a stereotypical suburb, there are natural and man-made wonders just waiting to be discovered by you.

6. Nurture your ties to your tribe. If you don’t have one, create a community that you can belong to. Modern life can be isolating. When you have a tribe, you have a circle that you are a part of. Its members – loved ones, friends, or neighbors - can be a source of support, caring, guidance, and companionship.

7. See the larger picture. Remember that the way that you choose to live is not the only way to live. Widen your perspective by exploring other modes of being through research, travel, and discussion.

8. Embrace the challenges that life presents to you, and challenge yourself often. After a time, even the most exciting jobs or lifestyles can seem routine. Never stop assimilating new knowledge about whatever you are doing, and your life will never seem dull.

9. Move your body. In this busy world, it can be easy to live a sedentary life. Movement reacquaints us with our bodies and connects us to the earth in a visceral way. It also restores our vitality.

10. Make time for stillness, silence, and solitude. The world can be noisy, and we are subject to all kinds of noises nearly every waking hour. We are also often "on the go" and unable to relax. Being alone in a peaceful place and making time for quiet can help you stay in touch with yourself.

February 8, 2009

Inspirational Video


I loved this video, and I hope you do as well. I may finally have learned the difference between inspiring and teaching. To inspire someone means to uplift their spirit. To teach is to give instructions, whether those may be my own or quoted from others.

Instruction is a good thing, but only when it is wanted.....when the "pupil" seeks it out. If forced, whether by someone else or whether we force it on ourselves, it often feels like criticism. My best guess is that it is a form of control. I, like you, am a "work in progress", and as Abraham-Hicks says, "you will never get it done". We live the path, not wait to live when we reach the destination.

As I shift gears, given this new understanding, please bear with me as I discover what true inspiration might be. :-)

February 6, 2009

Compassion; Being Good to Yourself

"Compassion is the antitoxin of the soul: where there is compassion even the most poisonous impulses remain relatively harmless."
~ Eric Hoffer

Webster defines compassion as : sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it. To me, this means that compassion is the active part of love....the evidence of love being transferred from one to another. Compassion is an antitoxin! We thrive on compassion at any time, but when we are filled with negative thoughts, showing compassion is like throwing a life-line.

We usually think in terms of feeling compassion for others, but I think it's just as important to have compassion for ourselves, for it is only with compassion that we truly can go forward and grow into all that we can be.

It is not by commanding ourselves (or others) to think and feel and do "in a better way"that we are helpful. Before we can work our way through a bad time , we need to fully accept where we are. It is when we are able to muster compassion for ourselves that we are strengthened by this love in action.

February 4, 2009

Open to Life

You must not for one instant give up the effort to build new lives for yourselves. Creativity means to push open the heavy, groaning doorway to life. This is not an easy struggle. Indeed, it may be the most difficult task in the world, for opening the door to your own life is, in the end, more difficult than opening the door to the mysteries of the universe. Daisaku Ikeda

February 2, 2009


In "The Wisdom of Yo Meow Ma", A Spiritual Guide from the ancient Chinese Philosopher Cat, author Joanna Sandsmark writes:

There are many kinds of procrastination, appearing to have different causes, but in the end it all boils down to fear. Whether you're a pleasure-seeking procrastinator, or a tension-filled
self-doubter, the only way to amend that behavior is to recognize what fear is driving it, and then by facing that fear to dispel it.

Do you feel inadequate to the task, and therefore don't try? Or do ou hold impossibly high standards for yourself, and because they are unattainable, you avoid trying to avoid the inevitable failure? Do you fear success After all, success could change many aspects of your life. Perhaps you think it's better to avoid a task that might bring success, so that you don't have to deal with a changed life.

It's possible that you fear losing control. If someone in authority demands that you do something, and you do whatever you can to avoid the task, you might be in a struggle for control.

Many of us also have an internalized parent to deal with. Without conscious awareness we either strive to please that parent or, just as likely, we do just the opposite in order to prove that we are in control, not them. PSYCH-K can identify and reprogram these old messages and beliefs which stand in our way.